How To Fix Alight Motion Errors? Your Ultimate Guide 2024

Alight Motion is a perfect tool for video editing and motion graphics and it works perfectly on all devices. But you may face errors while using Alight Motion. It’s natural as sometimes there can be some bugs but there’s nothing to worry about. Today, we’ll walk you through how to fix Alight Motion Errors. So, if you’re facing any issues related to Alight Motion you’re just at the right spot.

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How To Fix Alight Motion Errors and Their Solution

Let’s have a look at the most common errors faced by the users in Alight Motion in our “How To Fix Alight Motion Errors – Guide” and what their solutions are:

Installation Issue

  • Sometimes you may face the installation issue because of using a third-party app.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Move to the Permissions Area.
  • Search for “Allow Downloads from Unknown Sources”.
  • Enable this option.
  • Come back and try to install the app again.
  • Your file will be installed successfully this time.

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Crashing Error

  • If your app keeps on crashing every time you try to open it, it means that the app hasn’t been installed completely and there are some files left in the file backup.
  • Delete the file and download the file again. Now, try to install the file again and make sure you don’t interrupt the downloading and installation procedure.

Blank Screen Error

  • In case you see a blank screen when opening Alight Motion, there is no need to worry as it’s a temporary issue.
  • Close the app in the background and restart the app, your app will run smoothly the next time.

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Sign In Issue

  • There can be times when you’re unable to sign in to the app. There can be multiple reasons for this.
  • Try signing in at a later time as there can be a delay in the database.
  • If you repeatedly face this issue, it’s best to contact Alight Motion support and provide them with insights about your issue.
  • Restart the app.

Update Issue

  • If you’re unable to update the Alight Motion app automatically, it means that you’re using the third-party Alight Motion version.
  • The best way to tackle this issue is to delete the previous version of Alight Motion and download the updated Alight Motion from the same website from where you downloaded the previous version as this time the updated version will be available there.

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Insufficient GPU RAM Issue

  • You may face this issue if your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of RAM.
  • Uninstall all those apps that are consuming your device’s RAM and only then you’ll be able to use Alight Motion.

Media File Disappeared Issue

  • It may happen that while editing your videos in Alight Motion, the media files start to disappear. It can happen due to not allowing all the permissions to the app.
  • Simply open the app details and allow all the permissions. Once done, restart the app and you’ll start seeing all media files.

So, that are the most common errors along with their solutions in our “How To Fix Alight Motion Errors – Guide”.

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Reasons for Alight Motion Errors

Let’s have a look at the popular reasons responsible for causing Alight Motion errors.

  • Incompatibility: Alight Motion is a high-potential app and it requires enough resources to run. You won’t be able to use Alight Motion on your device if it’s not compatible with its minimum requirements and this way you’ll continue to face errors whenever you try to use Alight Motion.
  • Outdated Version: If you’re using an outdated version of Alight Motion then there’s a high risk of getting continuous errors while using Alight Motion and you won’t be able to use and edit your videos on Alight Motion in peace.
  • Third-Party Effects: If you download Alight Motion from untrusted websites where the files contain viruses then you’re more likely to get a ton of errors not only does it damage your device but you won’t be able to use Alight Motion as well.
  • Weak Internet Connection: Weak internet can also become a cause of errors in Alight Motion as you won’t be able to load the effects and other resources in Alight Motion.
  • Pre-Rendering: Not pre-rendering your videos can cause your video to be edited in a much longer time and likely to get errors. So, it’s best to pre-render your videos with time.
  • Bugs and Glitches: Unwanted bugs and glitches are the main culprits behind the crashing of Alight Motion. So, it’s best to download Alight Motion from trusted resources.
  • Low Memory Issues: If your device doesn’t have enough space then you’re highly likely to get crashing errors in your Alight Motion. It’s best to free up some space before starting to use Alight Motion.
  • Unwanted High Resolution: If your device is low spec, then there are chances of getting errors in your app. It’s best to choose the low-resolution rate while editing your videos on Alight Motion.

That’s all from our “How To Fix Alight Motion Errors – Guide”.

Reasons for Alight Motion Errors

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Update Alight Motion to the latest version and reboot your device. That’s all you need to do to fix Alight Motion.

Normally, an export issue is occurred due to not having the latest version. Make sure that you’re using the latest Alight Motion Version. Once done, your export issue will be resolved.

You can do quite a few things to prevent glitches in Alight Motion.

  • Avoid unnecessary high resolution.
  • Use low-quality preview.
  • Use appropriate FPS and video resolution.
  • Turn off additional layers.
  • Keep your audio settings in check.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to App Settings.
  • Click on Manage Apps.
  • Go to Alight Motion.
  • Allow all the permissions.


A complete guide on how to fix Alight Motion errors has been shared above along with the reasons responsible for causing them. Make sure to avoid unnecessary things that can cause Alight Motion errors in your device. As long you keep everything in check, you won’t be facing any Alight Motion errors.

Do let us know if you face any issues while following our “How To Fix Alight Motion Errors – Guide”. We’re here to assist you.

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