How To Do Transitions on Alight Motion? The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, there can be a gap between your videos, making them awkward, so transitions are used to cover up that and beautifully present your videos. They not only cover up for unintentional breakage but also enhance the appeal of the videos. So, today, we’ll walk you through how to do transitions on Alight Motion like a pro. There are a variety of transitions, and we’ll be shedding light on each one of them.

Let’s get started.

What are Transitions in Alight Motion?

Whenever you hear of “Transitions,” you might ask yourself what they are and their application. These are basically the effects you get to see between the videos where two different sections are being put together. Not only do they cover up for the quick shift from one scene to the other, but they also make it quite appealing.

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How To Do Transitions on Alight Motion?

Once you know how unique transitions are, you might start wondering how to do transitions on Alight Motion and start looking for Alight Motion Effects. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Download Alight Motion, and once installed, launch the app.
  • Import the video clips you want to edit.
  • Arrange and trim the video clips according to your order.
  • Now, click the “+” icon and select “Transitions.” Choose your favorite transition.
  • Adjust the transition with your videos.
  • Preview and fine-tune the clips to make sure everything is in order.

That’s how to do transitions on Alight Motion. In case you’re looking for a way to remove the Alight Motion watermark from your videos explore how to remove watermark in Alight Motion.

How To Apply Transition in Alight Motion

Explore how to mask on Alight Motion.

Popular Alight Motion Transitions

Let’s look at the popular transitions in Alight Motion that millions of people love.

  • Swipe: By this transition, your videos will get a beautiful horizontal or vertical shift, and the following clip will appear. It’s best suited for introductory videos where a new scene or character is being displayed, and most importantly, it energizes the scene.
  • Wipe: The screen shifts from one scene to the other with a shape pattern like the cube, and the following clip appears from underneath, thus making a dramatic entry. It’s suitable for doing surprising entries and inserting creativity.
  • Blur: The blur transition shifts from one video to the other in such a way that the previous video gets blurred, and the following video starts to get in focus, thus creating a remarkable introduction. It’s perfect for revelation concepts.
  • Cube: When shifting from one clip to the other, the revelation of the video takes place in a 3D rotation of the cube, creating a perfect three-dimensional effect. It’s so much popular in the current era.
  • Iris: This transition follows the concept of the camera aperture, where the next video appears, first being closed and then being opened to the new scenery. It’s a perfect transition for the introduction and revelation scenarios where a new character is introduced.
  • Dissolve: This transition dissolves the two clips seamlessly without breaking the scenes, making it quite appealing to the audience. It ensures the natural progression of the video.
  • Slide: In this transition, the video slides from one side to the other, shifting to the following clip. It’s a perfect transition to introduce new sceneries and characters.
  • Zoom: The zoom effect zooms in or zooms out at the end of the first clip and zooms in or zooms out at the start of the following clip, thus showcasing a great view. This immersive effect exerts a great impression on the viewers.
  • Flip: As the name suggests, one clip is shifted to another by flipping like a page. It’s quite a fancy transition but is effective in the anime-style clips.
  • Spin: In this transition, one clip starts to spin, getting out of focus, and the following video appears, getting in focus. Make sure to select the transition duration so you don’t mess up the timings.

You can add these transitions by dragging and dropping them between the two clips, and the transition will be applied automatically. You can adjust the duration of the transitions. You can also practice the transitions by watching the transition tutorials given below in our “How To Do Transitions on Alight Motion – Guide”. If you’re an iOS user you can get the Alight Motion for iOS.

Benefits of Transitions

There are several benefits of adding transitions. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Enhanced Storytelling: Transitions play a significant role in compelling storytelling. You can foreshadow the changes in times, locations, mood, and all that stuff using transitions, and they make your video more compelling and easy to digest.
  • Visual Interest: The essential thing in the video is to shift the viewers’ attention towards yourself, and transitions are responsible for hyping a visual interest in them by creating suspense about what awaits.
  • Focus on Key Moments: You want the audience to pay attention to specific points, and you can create an environment where the viewers’ whole focus will be on the critical moment.
  • Seamless Video Experience: Transitions negate the unwanted breakage between the videos, making them appealing, and once there’s no distortion, it feels like a smooth video, and viewers pay consistent attention to them.
  • Professional Look: Above all, transitions give your videos a professional look and keep your videos an edge above the rest of the content creators. It elevates your level as a video creator, and you start to be recognized as a professional.
  • Smooth Flow: If you connect two clips, there’s a complete disruption when one clip ends and the next starts. Transitions act as magic to convert this awkward breakage into a smooth flow.
  • Emotions and Drama: If you’re creating dramatic videos and using horror sounds, you can use transitions to suit the scene, boosting the scene’s suspense.

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Benefits of Transitions in Alight Motion


There’s a massive list of eye-catching transitions in Alight Motion, and you can select anyone that best suits your scenery.

Launch the Alight Motion App> Import Videos> Click on Effects> Select the suitable effect. That’s how you can add effects in Alight Motion.

Simply select the “Fade-in” transition and select the in and out of the transition, and the fade-in transition will be applied.


A complete guide on how to do transitions on Alight Motion has been explained above. Ensure to follow the guidelines above before applying transitions to your videos. This way, you’ll better understand what specific transitions to use and which one will suit best to your video.

Do let us know if you face any issues while applying transitions and following our How To Do Transitions on Alight Motion – Guide..

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