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About Us

The Alight Motion App is an all-in-one app to edit your videos and add smooth animations. With the ever growing social influence, many content creators want to edit their videos like a pro but they can’t afford to spend their time on industry level video editing softwares. That’s where, Alight Motion steps in and allows everyone to edit their videos magically with so much ease. But, there’s a limit to which you can edit your videos like a pro in the basic version and in order to enhance your editing skills you’ll surely need the premium version which can cost you. But worry not, here at The Alight Motion App, you’ll be able to download the premium version for free.

Our goal is simple: To benefit people with what we can.

The Alight Motion App: History

The Alight Motion App was founded in 2024 in order to facilitate everyone with the premium versions of Alight Motion for free.


We’re a team of Experts dedicated to providing the audience with the 100% legit and premium versions of Alight Motion where you can access all the premium features, such as presets, effects, sound effects, without any cost.

We make sure that no one is left behind due to not having a strong PC to edit their videos.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with the latest alight motion versions for free.

Who We Are?

Marsh Ray

Marsh Ray

CEO at

Marsh Ray is an SEO Expert and a developer with 5 years of experience. He has made this website in order to facilitate the content creators to edit their videos like a pro without paying for any premium features.

He noticed that Alight Motion is a superb app, but the users are facing difficulty to access its premium features, and most of them are beginners or small business owners. So, to facilitate them, he has made a few tweaks to the Alight Motion and now everyone can access the premium features of Alight Motion for free by downloading the app at